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-Martin Reed, UCLA

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Closed Captioning Services

​You can get your interviews transcribed hassle free, using our online interview transcription services. To place an order with us all you need to do is fill the order form and send us the audio file that needs to be transcribed. Our team of expert transcribers will transcribe the audio for you with high accuracy. The transcript file would be sent to you in your inbox within your required turnaround time.​

SOpen Captions

A lot of care is taken while processing the interview transcripts, every single word spoken in the interview audio is typed with perfection. Typical words such as local names, region jargon's etc. are searched on the web for conformation and accuracy. Once the audio is transcribed it goes through quality check, wherein the proof reader ensures that the transcriber has done his job with 100% accuracy and that our customers are never let down and only high quality hand typed transcript is delivered to our clients inbox.​



9000+ Interview transcripts delivered..

More than 9000 audio interview transcripts delivered till date and still counting. Nothing gives us more pleasure than seeing a satisfied customer after service delivery. ​

​​Closed Captioning Services​


Closed Captioning 3 EASY Steps.

The process had been kept simple and short. ​


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"You did a stellar job, communicated wonderfully and went WAY beyond the call of duty...I highly recommend your services and will be using it again!​"

-Shawn James, Research Candidate, USA

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